About us- prow air compressor.

Once upon a time, there was a compressor startup.

The Prow Company was established in 2018 for the purpose of creating quality products with the most current technology and with an emphasis on long-term durability.

And so, with a lot of research and a great deal of energy we began with the portable compressor for car and home. We aimed for a beautiful and comfortable design that would not compromise on the quality and strength of the compressor.

In order to ensure our customers’ satisfaction we built an especially amazing customer service team that could respond to any question or issue that might arise from our customers

Our Story

Prow [noun] : The pointed foremost part of a ship that cuts thru the water.

Our name is our inspiration: To always position ourselves at the forefront in quality and service, providing our customers with products that lead in quality, consistently and down to the last detail



To become a global, prestigious brand with a large range of products that is known for its uncompromising quality and innovation



We are researching the development of more and more products for home and car, with an emphasis on quality and advanced technology with long-term durability. We are working very hard every day to maintain the satisfaction of our customers

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Our Values

Customer Service

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And you'll be happy to inflate: cars, bicycles, motor cycles, balls and a variety of other products, easily and anywhere with a power connection to your home and car.